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With a background in various areas of practice, the Tampa, Florida personal injury attorneys at Burnett Law, P.A. have a track record of handling a wide range of claims.

Vehicular Accidents

BWR motorcycle accidentsAccording to the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles, there are more than 235,000 car accidents in Florida in a single year. If you or someone you know has been one of these victims, you know that the results can be life-shattering injuries requiring surgery, hospitalization, therapy, and medications for years. This all adds up very quickly and can become astronomically expensive for the victim. BWR car accident claimsOur attorneys have over 50 years of experience handling all kinds of accidents. From car accidents and truck accidents, to accidents involving motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians, we know the problems that you face today and tomorrow. We handle each of our cases based upon their own unique circumstances to make sure that our clients receive the best representation they deserve.

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Work-Related Accidents

Our lawyers address the following work-related claims.  Click each one to read more.

A construction company, supervisor, third party, or combination of involved parties might be found liable for injuries BWR construction accident claimson the job or at a work site. Perhaps you were hurt on the job due to faulty equipment or improper operating instructions. Or perhaps someone did not secure dangerous chemicals properly, resulting in a devastating accident. Whether your injury was due to serious burns or a property owner’s negligence, our personal injury attorneys have the experience and skill to review your legal options and pursue any claim you might have.

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Water-Related Accidents

BWR drowning accidentsMost cities have strict ordinances in place regarding pools and pool safety for property owners, but that alone does not keep you safe. Owners can be found liable for swimming pool injuries or drownings. We help our clients figure out what their rights are and file a lawsuit if needed.

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Responsibilities of Property Owners

It’s the sad truth but every year, people are severely injured at their neighbor’s backyard barbecue, or just by walking down the aisle of the grocery store. When you are on someone else’s property, they have a duty to protect your safety. They could be held responsible if they do not properly maintain their property or fail to make the needed repairs to dangerous property conditions. If you were hurt on someone’s property, you might have a claim against the owner. BWR Dog Bite ClaimsAlong the same lines, dog owners need to protect others from dog attacks and dog bites, especially when an animal has a known history of vicious behavior. For more information on how we can help after a dog bite injury click here. .


A slip and fall or trip and fall accident can happen due to wet or slick flooring or poor property maintenance, especially if no warning signs were posted. Your injuries could be the fault of the property owner who failed to protect you. Our law firm can provide you with all the information you need to determine what rights you have.

Amusement Park Injuries

Do you know someone that was injured at an amusement park? Whether the injury was related to dangerous conditions on rides that were not properly maintained, that broke down due to faulty parts, or ride operators who were not properly trained, our attorneys are ready to talk with you about what happened. For more information, click here.

Attractive Nuisance and Negligent Security

BWR premises liabilityIt may have started out innocently, but children are easily susceptible to wandering onto someone’s property out of curiosity. The law calls this an attractive nuisance, and it is the property owner’s obligation to guard against accident and injury. Abandoned vehicles, piles of wood, swimming pools, and trampolines all fall under this type of threat although the courts can classify nearly anything as an attractive nuisance, whether or not the property was secured.

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If you were injured in these types of accidents or suffered any other type of serious personal injuries in Tampa, FL, call Burnett Law, P.A. for free consultations. Our personal injury lawyers will be glad to review your claim to see if we can help with your case.