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Unfortunately, some apartment and condominium complexes, commercial properties, or other developments with common areas do not spend the necessary money to maintain the premises. These landlords or property owners value profit over the well-being of tenants, guests, or customers. Oftentimes, light fixtures go unrepaired, security guards are not present, or the area is otherwise allowed to develop into a breeding ground for criminal activity.

Additionally, companies that do hire security guards do not always follow through with appropriate staffing or training of the security guards. Security guards are sometimes negligently hired or negligently retained and if not for the negligence of the company hiring or retaining those individuals, a person would not have been injured. We, at Burnett Law, P.A., have the experience to dig into the credentials of those security guards, to uncover the hiring and firing practices of a company, and to assist our clients in learning the whole truth behind why they or their loved ones were injured.

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