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Burnett Law, P.A. Announces Sponsorship of Liverpool FC West Florida

Liverpool FCIt is with great pride that Burnett Law, P.A. announces its sponsorship of Liverpool Football Club America – West Florida for years to come.  The Liverpool Football Club, established in 1892, is one of the oldest football (soccer) institutions in England.  In 2006, Liverpool FC made its way to the United States in an effort to promote youth soccer in the states.  The organization quickly expanded and now is home to more than 70 competitive teams and more than 60 academy teams.

As the West Florida chapter of Liverpool FC is a new member of the Liverpool Football Club America family, it was imperative that the West Florida chapter find a major sponsor to help cover the start-up costs.  Burnett Law, P.A. was quick to step up to the plate and the West Florida chapter was extremely appreciative.   In a widely distributed e-mail, Dan Gorman, the Florida Commercial Manager of Liverpool FC America – West Florida said, “To pay for [soccer goals, training equipment, field lining equipment, flags, lawn maintenance equipment] simply from basic club dues would have been impossible in a single season, but thanks to a very generous sponsor who stepped forward, the law firm of Burnett Law, P.A., we are able to support these needs.”  The BWR logo will be featured on away jerseys, training outfits and warm-up jerseys.

We look forward to helping the future soccer stars of America reach their goals and are very excited to be associated with this historic institution.