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Burnett Law, P.A. Announces Sponsorship of Youth Soccer

Burnett Law, P.A. is thrilled to announce that the firm will be a primary sponsor for the Westchase Soccer Association for the upcoming Fall 2015 season and for several seasons beyond.  As part of the sponsorship agreement, BWR’s logo will be featured on the front of the jerseys for all teams Under 10 and below in the Fall 2015 season and for all divisions in the Spring 2016 season.  This is truly a match that was meant to be as co-founders Matt Wilson and Lee Reeder are both coaches and have children in the program.  “I couldn’t be more thrilled to be formally associated with WSA,” said Wilson.  “Margot and Greg Pinheiro work so hard at WSA every season to make sure that the kids have a great experience.  They have no kids in the league any longer, but just love the game so much that they devote a huge portion of their time to the league so that the kids can play in a local, fun and safe environment.  My son has been in the league for the past 5 years or so and his growth as a player and a person has been remarkable.  My daughter has just started down this road, too, so to have our logo on her jersey for years to come is a real thrill.  Having grown up playing soccer (Matt was a three-year starter at Chamberlain High School from 1986-89), and now having coached for many years, I know how important teamwork is.  Working as a team can take you to places that you just can’t go individually.  That’s exactly how we operate at BWR – like a team – so it’s really just a perfect pairing.”

Reeder is equally excited.  “The timing of this couldn’t have been better.  When I heard that we had an opportunity to become a sponsor for WSA, I was vocal about the fact that we had to do it.  We knew that we wanted our name associated with something great in the Tampa Bay area and when this became available, I knew that we’d found the perfect sponsorship opportunity.  Soccer gives kids a great outlet to run around, make friends and create a lifetime of memories.  You don’t have to score 10 goals a season to help your team out.  As long as you show up to practice, run hard and give it your best, good things almost always happen.  So, to be associated with a league like this is just awesome.”

To learn more about the Westchase Soccer Association and how you can participate in the league, go to www.westchasesoccer.org.

This is not the only youth soccer league that BWR will be sponsoring this season.  Another announcement is coming in the very near future.  Stay tuned for that announcement and, in the meantime, see you at the fields!