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Burnett Law, P.A. — Boutique Trial Law Firm Launched

The Tampa, Florida trial law firm of Burnett Law, P.A., P.A. is made up of attorneys who have been litigating for years. The named shareholders all come from the hugely successful law firm of Marshall Thomas Burnett, Florida’s largest sinkhole litigation firm. Burnett Law, P.A. will be welcoming cases beyond sinkhole litigation and insurance disputes. Although they have been devoted to addressing wrongdoing by insurance companies over the last several years, the named shareholders of Burnett Law, P.A. all have experience fighting for the rights of individuals harmed by all types of wrongdoers—including big business.

“We’ve been fortunate to have helped thousands of homeowners over the years resolve their claims,” said Josh Burnett, one of the founding shareholders. “We’re most certainly not leaving property claims. We’re just expanding our reach so that we can help more people.”

Burnett Law, P.A. will focus on a wide variety of cases including stucco defect cases, whistleblower cases (qui tam cases), wage and hour claims, pharmacy negligence, tire defect cases, and commercial trucking accidents. The firm will also continue to fight insurance companies on behalf of policyholders with sinkhole, hurricane, water loss, fire and other property claims.

In addition to Burnett, the firm’s named shareholders include Matt Wilson and Lee Reeder. Burnett and Wilson have known and worked with each other for years. “I went to law school with Josh about twenty years ago,” says Wilson. “I remember watching Josh in a mock trial competition and thinking that I didn’t ever want to oppose him in court. So, a few years ago I joined up with him. That worked out so well, that we’ve now partnered up.”

Although the firm is comprised of young and energetic attorneys, the partners do not particularly like using the word “aggressive” when describing themselves. “It is one thing to be an aggressive lawyer,” said Lee Reeder. “It is quite another to be competitive. ‘Aggressive’ in the legal field can sometimes be synonymous with ‘annoying’ or ‘irritating.’ We strive to be respectful and courteous of opposing counsel. When we get in the courtroom, though, the other side knows that we are always prepared and do not like to lose. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more competitive group of attorneys under one roof.”

The lawyers at Burnett Law, P.A. know their way around the courtroom having gone to trial in almost twenty cases in the last eighteen months alone. “When you choose a lawyer, I would think that you would want a lawyer who is comfortable arguing your position to a judge and a jury,” said Wilson, whose father is a judge. “I’ve kind of grown up in the courtroom, so whether a case is in state court or federal court, I just enjoy being there. Having gone into battle with the guys in this firm so often has just solidified and strengthened those feelings.”

Burnett Law, P.A. considers itself to be unique in its DNA. “We’re a group that genuinely likes each other and shares ideas,” says Reeder. “When you hire us, it is highly likely that at one point or another, each attorney in the firm will contribute to your case. We’re constantly discussing cases and bouncing ideas off of one another. There is a lot of brain power here, so we try to use it.”

In addition to the three shareholders, the firm has experienced associate attorneys. “Every one of us has significant experience handling complex cases,” said Burnett. “We don’t have a bunch of associates sitting around just doing research, that’s for sure.”

Burnett Law, P.A. has an AV rating, indicating the highest level of ethical standards and professional ability as rated by peers in the legal community. The firm offices are located in downtown Tampa at 200 North Pierce Street, Tampa, Florida 33602. For more information about Burnett Law, P.A., please go to the firm website at www.BWRFIRM.com.