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Holiday Driving Safety Tips

Holiday Driving Safety Tips

A lot of people all over the country hit the road for the holidays. This time of year, more people plan trips to places like Tampa for a number of reasons. Firstly, many look to visit family for the holidays. The season is all about being with loved ones. Of course, some also choose this time of year to get a break from family! That means trips to warmer, more vacation-friendly places like Tampa. Some of these trips involve entire families, and others involve just a couple looking to avoid the harsh winter people experience up north. No matter the reason, one thing is for sure: holiday driving is stressful. From weather concerns to keep an eye out for hazards and an additional police presence, here are some driving safety tips for you as you plan for your holiday travel.

Holiday Driving Safety Tips: Three Things to Remember for Seasonal Travel

If you’re not staying in the area and enjoying the fun Tampa holiday events happening around town, you’re likely driving somewhere else. So, what do you need to know about driving during the holidays? Many of these tips can help keep you out of accidents, trouble with the law, and as far away from a holiday-induced stress attack as you want to be. Firstly, let’s talk about something we don’t see a lot of in Tampa: winter weather.

Winter Weather Gets Wild — Driving in Snow with Little Experience

For Florida drivers, snow can really throw things for a loop during holiday travel. If you’re heading to see family or friends in the more northern states, you can expect a chance of snow. The forecast is calling for a low chance of a White Christmas, but you never know. In fact, some areas of the northern states, especially near the Great Lakes, can get lake effect snow without any warning. If your experience with driving in the snow is low, make sure to be extra cautious.

Accidents in the snow can be tough to sort out. For one, it’s not like losing control in the snow is entirely your fault. Ice especially causes drivers to lose control of the wheel. So, are you still at fault? Well, yes and no. Depending on the state, inclement weather can impact the ways that affect the placement of responsibility. To be safe, make sure to drive under the speed limit, begin braking long before reaching your intended stopping position, and always stay alert.

Have questions about an accident during holiday driving in winter weather or need representation? We’re always here at Burnett Law to help!

Expecting Traffic and Driving Safely Among More Drivers

Something a lot of people worry about during holiday travel is traffic. There’s nothing about traffic to like, unless you’re a fan of the slow and steady method of getting somewhere. When a three- or four-hour trip turns into six or seven hours on the road, it’s easy to get irritable. When angry or annoyed behind the wheel, it’s much more likely that you’ll stop paying attention or make poor choices. Be sure to stay calm when hitting slower stretches of your trip. The holidays are meant to be a time of thankfulness and togetherness. Don’t be the one who can’t make it to holiday dinner or a celebration because you got angry and made a bad decision on the road.

Something that occurs during bouts of road rage is a natural impairment of the driver’s senses. When angry, you’re more likely to not pay attention, as well as make last minute decisions to change lanes, speed past other drivers, and other forms of reckless driving. So, how do you avoid this? Well, feel free to take breaks by stopping at rest stops to stretch. You’d be surprised what 10 minutes out of a traffic jam can do. This way, you don’t make a bad decision behind the wheel and end up needing to head to court to contest a ticket for reckless driving.

A Larger Police Presence – Reminders about the Rules of the Road

At Burnett Law, we think it’s worth mentioning that it’s never okay to speed. The threat of getting a speeding ticket is always present when you’re going above the legal speed limit. That being said, police patrols are out in greater numbers during the holidays to ensure driving safety. This isn’t some ploy to get more tickets written before the New Year. In fact, the increased presence of cops on the highways and interstates is for our safety as travelers. If you usually go a little over the speed limit, you can expect an even greater chance to get a ticket over the holidays.

Again, speeding is never okay. Speed limits are not arbitrary limits put forth by the law to hopefully have drivers follow the recommendation. Speed limits are meant to keep you safe; nothing is more important during holiday travel than safety. Plus, speed limits also have the environment in mind with rates of emissions factored into the speed limits of some states. With all of this in mind, remember not to speed during holiday travel. It’s not worth it, and you won’t get to your destination faster by putting yourself and others at risk.

Run into Trouble During Holiday Travel? Call Burnett Law

From injury to traffic tickets, Burnett Law is a trusted partner in solving your legal issues. We can help find a solution for anything that could come up during holiday travel. We’re just a phone call away.

Have a happy holiday and make it a safe one if you’re traveling. Here’s to a great holiday and Happy New Year from your friends at Burnett Law!