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HB 501 Set NOT to Pass This Year

Although the current legislative session is not officially over, the Florida House of Representatives went home early over a Medicaid dispute. This means that unless the legislative session is extended or a special session is called, HB 501 will die in the House this year. You may recall that HB 501 was a bill aimed at shortening the statute of repose on construction defect cases from 10 to 7 years. Thus, in cases where there are hidden, or latent, defects, the outside date for filing a claim will remain at 10 years. While we may be safe in 2015, do not be surprised to see this bill come back next year. Make sure to keep checking back here as we will update you on the status of any similar bills proposed in the future.


State capitol building of Florida located in Tallahassee

HB 501 Looks Like it Will Not Pass in 2015